In order to get a firm idea of likely numbers, the Club asks that you register athletes as soon after Monday 24th August 2020 as possible, and certainly before Friday 18th September 2020 (end of Earlybird prices). 

The Club MUST ensure that there are no more than 500 participants (athletes, parents/carers, officials and volunteers) on any given competition night. If the Committee can get an early idea of numbers, this will help to develop possible competition night processes. Whether there is a need to extend the time required to complete all events on the night, or to split the weekly competition over more than one night.

No firm decision has been taken on our approach to weekly competition, however, an early as possible final total athlete number would help the Committee’s planning.


  • All registrations are carried out through the online portal HERE
  • You will need your previous login and password to register. If you have forgotten or lost this information, please contact Trish Bright at LANSW on 02 9633 4511 or email admin@lansw.com.au
  • Kotara South is registered to receive Active Kids Vouchers. Before you register please ensure that you have your Active Kids Voucher details ready, as you will be required to enter and validate your voucher numbers during the registration process. Vouchers CANNOT be redeemed after online registration has been completed. If you need to apply for a voucher, visit here
  • Early bird prices are available until 7pm on Friday 18th September 2020, after this date the prices will increase. We encourage all parents to register before this date, as it allows us to prepare for number collection night. More importantly, as above, it will enable the Committee to assess the athlete numbers against our COVID-19 approval.
  • If you are unsure how the age groups are calculated, visit here
  • You must be born on or before Dec 31st 2015. Please note we do NOT offer Tiny Tots.
  • Please retain your emailed receipt following payment
  • If you haven’t registered before the first night of competition, Monday 12th October 2020, it is likely that your athlete will not be able to participate this season.

U12+ Dual Athletes

The process for registering U12+ dual athletes (Little Athletics-LANSW and Athletics NSW-ANSW) has changed this season. This has been explained in the email you will have received from LANSW.

However, the key points are listed below;

  • Still use the same link HERE to register for LANSW. This year you will only receive ONE number in your registration pack, for the FRONT of your singlet. Compared to previous years when you would have received two for both front and back of your singlet
  • Registering as usual with LANSW will still give you free membership of ANSW
  • ANSW will email you direct, in September, with details on how to activate your free membership on the ANSW membership platform, Revolutionise Sport
  • Activating your ANSW membership will give you the individual athlete National ID number that you will need if you are to compete in non Little Athletics organised events
  • You will also receive a separate number patch for ANSW events, this number will be different to your weekly Little Athletics number

To reiterate, ANSW will send a clear email that will detail all of the above, and provide a step by step activation process, in September.

Senior Athletes

Please note that registration for Senior Athletes is not available through ANSW at the moment – we are expecting this to be available by October 1st.

Number Collection Night

  • This will take place on Monday 21st September 2020, at the Nesbitt Park clubhouse
  • Details about this event will be emailed closer to the time
  • The collection process will be different to previous years, bearing in mind COVID-19 restrictions and protocols.

Little Athletics (LANSW) Fees – Early Bird (Must be paid by 7pm Fri 18th September)

  • Athletes under 17 years $150
  • Families of 3 registered athletes under 17 years $370
  • Families of 4 registered athletes under 17 years $450
  • Families of 5 registered athletes under 17 years $530
  • Families of 6 registered athletes under 17 years $610
  • Plus uniform costs if required (Singlets $35, Crop Top $45)

Little Athletics (LANSW) Fees – Normal (After Early bird closes)

  • Athletes under 17 years $160
  • Families of 3 registered athletes under 17 years $380
  • Families of 4 registered athletes under 17 years $460
  • Families of 5 registered athletes under 17 years $540
  • Families of 6 registered athletes under 17 years $620
  • Plus uniform costs if required (Singlets $35, Crop Top $45)
Athletics NSW (ANSW) Senior & Dual Member Fees
  • Club Volunteer – $0
  • Community Member – $20
  • Concession member (Aged U19 or Government concession card holder) – $150
  • Open Membership (Aged 20+) – $170
  • Dual Membership (already covered in LANSW rego) – $0;
  • Free activation for all U12-U17 LANSW members via ANSW Registration Portal.
  • Athletes must register via this portal to be able to enter any ANSW only events (such as the Treloar Shield). This is not necessary for the usual Zone, Regional or State LANSW events.
  • Athletes will receive a separate ANSW competition number, which they will collect at their first ANSW competition.

***IMPORTANT NOTE: If you intend on competing on (Monday 12th October – First night of competition) please ensure your registration (including payment) is completed by (Friday the 18th September). This allows us the time to carry out the necessary background administration work and map numbers against the Club’s COVID-19 action plan. Unfortunately, this year we will not be able to register people on the first night of competition.

ACTIVE KIDS VOUCHER The Club is registered to receive the $100 Active Kids vouchers. If you intend to use an Active Kids voucher, please ensure you have applied here and have your voucher number ready before registering online, as you will be required to enter and validate the voucher code during the registration process. Vouchers cannot be applied after you have completed and paid via online registration.


At this point the Club WILL NOT be offering the ability to trial. This will be reassessed once athlete numbers have been finalised and assessed against the Clubs approved COVID-19 plan.


Click here for information about uniforms