Monday Nights
Set up and warm up events @5.30pm for Competition start @ 5:45pm sharp.


Athletics will be commencing on Monday 12th Oct 2020. Due to Covid-19 we have had to develop plans that enable us to safely cater for our athletes and for the start of the season at least we will be running 2 sessions as below:

1st Session – 6-10 year ages Athletics Starts at 5:15pm

2nd Session – 11+ year ages Athletics Starts at 6:45pm

To be eligible for any major award at our club an athlete must compete in a minimum of 50% of all available events for the season, from the date of their registration.

Children must compete in events in their age and gender group according to the Little Athletics age group rules. Specifications for events can be found here. Some events may differ for our club.

The club has a 3 week program rotation with generally 5 core events for each age group (3 track and 2 field) per week. We also have an optional distance “fun run” event at the end of the night for all ages on 2 out of the 3 programs (1500m and 3000m). This distance event is still a core event for eligible age groups and will contribute to their age point scores but also contributes to the separate distance “fun run” point score for all ages.

The club also mixes in a small number of handicap running events to the program in 2 out of the 3 weekly programs where each athlete has a defined handicap based on their previous results to make for some exciting races!

Competition points are tallied for Scratch Events, Handicap Events, and Distance Races.  Trophies, ribbons etc are awarded on Presentation Night.

Because the Committee believes emphasis should not only be on winning, a point score system was devised to recognise those children who continually improve their own performance. Points are not allocated until an athlete is registered.

No event is compulsory, athletes do not have to compete in an event if they are not comfortable.

Emphasis is on personal achievement and having fun.