These rules state the requirements for competition for all meetings conducted by the Association or on behalf of the Association as set down by the I.A.A.F. handbook, or as otherwise stated in the following paragraphs: –


All athletes competing in Centre or Associaton meetings must be registered with the Associaton and shall compete in Centre approved uniforms as notified to the Associaton each year.


  • Club Singlet with black shorts or bike pants
  • Club two peice lycra outfit
  • Athletes Registration numbers to be fixed to the front and back of singlet or crop top


  • Club Singlet with black shorts or bike pants
  • Athletes Registration numbers to be fixed to the front and back of singlet


Uniforms are available for purchase on number pickup night or from the Uniform Officer at any time during the season.



The wearing of a club uniform generates a sense of pride, identity and team spirit among club members and assists athletes, officials and spectators to identify club members when they are competing. Furthermore, the wearing of a club uniform is a way for athletes to acknowledge their club’s support for its athletes as well as an opportunity for clubs to promote themselves through the performances of their athletes.

An athlete competing in a mixture of different dress and colour makes them look out of place and does not reflect the high standards that this Club continually strives to achieve.  Should the case of a uniform be a financial burden, please do not hesitate to approach our Secretary or Uniform Officer who will discuss how the Club can assist you to make the necessary payments, or choose from a range of second hand uniforms which may be available.

Tracksuits must be removed while actually competing – in colder weather a skivvy or other long-sleeved top may be worn under the competition singlet.


Children are required to wear shoes at all competitions and whilst training
Light joggers are recommended for competition
Spikes shall NOT be worn by any athletes competing in the Under 6,7,8, 9 or 10 age groups or by any competitor in packed start events
Spikes may be worn in all events run in lanes, plus Long Jump, Triple Jump and High Jump by competitors in Under 11 to older age groups.
Spikes must be removed at the finish line before proceeding to the next event


Whenever possible children should wear hats and sunscreen to protect them from the sun and have a drink bottle to minimise the risk of dehydration. Sunscreen is available at the canteen.  Mozzie repelent is available at the canteen.


May be used at the discretion of the athlete in any event held in lanes.